At Home

Your home - a special place at any time of the year.

Your home. Your castle. Your refuge.
Here you feel at ease.


Good atmosphere, satisfied and motivated staff, high productivity - your office.

OSH policies are a must, well-being despite a long workday. That is our aim.

Shops & Malls

The perfect shop - your merchandise perfectly staged.

Your shop. A place to come in and stay.


Your production, your warehouse, your job-shop, everything in sight.

Production halls, warehouses or workshops.
Reduce errors, increase safety and reduce cost.


Good atmosphere, great mood, eye catchers.

Enjoy a perfect evening.


Only one thing counts: The game.

Perfect conditions for the players, perfect entertainment for the spectators.



LED modules

The basis of an extraordinary light - our LED modules.

Our light modules – the core of our luminaires

LED driver

Makes the difference

LED drivers – the brain of our luminaires

LED accessories

Things you might need

LED Luminaires

Beautifully designed - the perfect complement

Our LED luminaire family is still quite small but constantly growing.



Lighting as a service


Relax – our services are at work for you

Whether you believe you can or you can't - you are right.

- Henry Ford -


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